The Songo River Queen II The Songo River Queen II


Ticket reservations are not required or accepted for any public cruises as the ship is large enough to accommodate any size turn out of people.

All public cruises will run as scheduled regardless of weather as the ship is totally enclosed and weather protected.


Long Lake lies in a north/south direction so all our trips go up the eastern shore, cross over and return down the western shore (or vice-versa) allowing for completely different scenery for the entire trip.


Long Lake offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the region and our round trips cover anywhere from 6 to 12 miles depending on the length of the trip chosen.


All trips offer views of the Causeway, the former site of the Bay of Naples Inn, Mt. Washington, Birch Point, Long Island, Arrowhead Point and Arrowhead Lodge, Camp Takajo, Pine Island, and Pleasant Mountain, as well as beautiful waterfront properties ranging from modest camps to multi-million dollar homes.


In addition to all of the sites listed above, the two hour trips will also pass by the Drew's Castle, the former waterfront home of author/writer Stephen King, Mast Cove, Colonial Mast Campground, Four Seasons Campground, Long Lake Acres, the former summer home of Gov. Kenneth Curtis (who held that office from 1967 until 1975), and Patriquin's Lodge.


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